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Canopy Fittings Available in 5 Sizes

3/4" Canopy Fittings are used a lot for indoor booths at Fairs, Flea Markets, Craft Shows, Art Show, to hang banners and merchandise, also great for small projects. 10 x 10 canopy is usually built with 3/4 pipe, uses 3/4 Electrical Metal Conduit (EMT) pipe available at your local hardware stores.

1" Canopy Fittings are best selling size by far, used to build Party Tents, Flea Market Booths, 10 x 20 Car Tent, 20 x 20 Shade Canopy and many other structures, use 1 Electrical Metal Conduit (EMT) pipe available at your local hardware store.

1 3/8" Canopy Fittings this is the most common fitting in boxed Canopy Kits, uses 1 3/8 Chain Link Fence Tubing available from fencing stores and some hardware stores.

1 5/8" Canopy Fittings Perfect for building a RV Canopy or any other structure that needs legs higher than 8 feet, or a free span wider than 20 feet. Also used in some Canopy Kits even though those kits usually come with light gauge pipe, uses 1 5/8 pipe available from fencing stores.

1 7/8" Canopy Fittings For building the strongest Canopy Frame, it is also ideal for building a very large Heavy Duty Canopy, uses 1 7/8 pipe available from fencing store


Flat Roof Fittings For Building Flat Roof Canopies, but also used in many other creative ways like the Firewood Storage Rack.

Low Peak Roof Fittings 102 Degree are the most popular canopy parts work great especially for the bigger tents. Most Flea Market Booths use these fittings.

High Peak Roof Fittings 120 Degree angle this is by far the most commonly used tent fitting in the Car Canopy kits whether you buy it locally or on the internet. Works great for when you need the extra clearance for your Car, Boat or RV, also great for High rainfall areas.

There are only two types of fittings for this:

1. High Peak Corner and Peak End are the same canopy part.

2. High Peak Side and Peak Middle are the same canopy part.

Canopy Foot Pads There are 2 types of foot pads, Cement Foot pads that are roughly 12 inches long that you set in concrete, and the 3 hole Canopy Foot Pads that you can bolt to the concrete with anchors or put the smaller tent stakes through the holes to anchor it into the dirt this will not work on sand or loose soil or gravel. The flat bottom of the 3 hole Foot Pad will also add stability to your legs when they are used on dirt or gravel.

Sliding Fittings Canopy Parts Are used to add bracing to your walls and for making a reinforced canopy roof, or adding extra bracing in your roof, these fittings slide up and down the pipe, you lock them in place with the eyebolt. You can also make pipe or lumber storage racks.

Canopy Pipe Connector Used to join two pipes, a lot of people building the RV Canopies use this to get the extra leg height.

Elbow Fitting and Tee Fittings Make a trellis for your garden with these canopy parts along with foot pads to anchor it, also used in making a Firewood Storage Rack, Outdoor Movie Screen, and many other projects.
Canopy Fittings 3/4" Canopy Fittings 1"
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Canopy Fittings 1 3/8" Inch more info
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Canopy Fittings 1 7/8" Inch more info
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